Security and GDPR

25.02.2018 | Author: Ilse Melotte

Data security and privacy are our most important assets. Your confidence in our treatment of your financial information is of the utmost importance to us. Of course, this depends on the flawless and secure operation of our software, the proper implementation of our internal processes and policies,

and the correct treatment of your data by our staff. We continuously work on these matters.

In a world where the prevailing legislation is constantly subject to change, our foremost priority is to ensure that the solutions we offer our customers satisfy the relevant laws and regulations. In light of this, we are always working to adapt our internal procedures and communication so that we will be able to serve you – now and in the future – in accordance with the latest laws and regulations, and insofar as this is reasonably possible.

Preparations are currently in full sway for the implementation of the new European general regulation on data protection, the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. We expect to have implemented all the necessary changes into our own internal processes in due time before the GDPR comes into effect on 25 May 2018.

For more details you can always contact us for a personal explanation of how we guarantee your privacy and safety.

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