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24.08.2019 | Author: Ilse Melotte

To us the launch of EB Insights™ is a unique moment. That’s why we’re excited to announce that a new and refreshed website is live. Also new website? Yes. We value understanding and transparency, and the previous website was not always clear. 

NrgFin new brand

We want to keep our current and potential clients informed in the best way. We want to strengthen the company brand, showcase our solutions better and give an improved experience on how our functionalities can contribute to our customers via articles and news.

Our IT platform is changing looks as well. The updated customer streams include changes in presentation, with a better user experience. We improved the architectural structure of the platform to assure more efficient refueling processes. Some applications will be upgraded and reveal more functionality, others will remain as they are. There’s a whole set of new applications as well, all to make our customers performing better in the utility markets.

When considering predictability, effectiveness and control of energy suppliers’ processes, we believe in the concept of maturity. Some solutions provide basic support whereas other functionalities focus on realization of specific process optimizations and improvements.

Are you an existing SAAS customer ? Your key account person will inform you on when your migration is scheduled, but no need to worry. The applications you know will only improve, become more clear and look nicer. Free of charge.

Our international expension is evolving rapidly. Supported by two important subsidies that have been granted to NrgFin over the past years, we will continue to invest in research, development of new functionalities and improve our existing prediction models.

To learn more about how our solutions can help you identify and manage threats and opportunities to achieving business objectives, take a look at our newsletters of follow us on LinkedIn. To discuss your individual needs more and how we can help you achieve your organization’s goals, please feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn, or contact us directly.

We hope you like the changes, and if you have any feedback, please let us know.

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