NrgFin becomes 5 years!

08.10.2019 | Author: Ilse Melotte

Today is NrgFin’s 5th anniversary. Going from start-up to scale-up calls for celebration. It also calls for forward thinking because, without question, our greatest accomplishments still lie ahead of us.


This journey began with just two people working in the energy supplier market. We knew only three things: we wanted to be a company, we wanted to be experts and we were passionate about it. We figured a little company could have a big impact in the niche market we were already working in: the area of energy balance.

We started out with 3 people on a shared space the size of 18m2 that we could never imagine us filling. We “graduated” to our own office space when our 6th hire found himself sitting next to someone else at that person’s desk.  We could barely concentrate all together in that same small office.

We have outgrown in space now. However, when we think about growth, we don’t think in terms of office space, employees or revenue. Instead, we remember back to using our first product, “Slicing of Billed Revenues”, which in the meantime has become an evident back ground functionality. It’s amazing to us that we now process millions of records in an average day, where we processed only a third of them in a whole week back then.

People ask us how we stay so motivated through the last 5 years in an industry so badly suffering from low margins. It’s because we care deeply about our customers. We believe that business controlling and intelligence can offer an important value add when it comes to margin realization and enhancement. We know it can be done better. And we are going to prove it as well. 

In the next decade, the operating model of the energy supplier will change further. Commodity supply will become a backend process and customer will (finally) be given more attention. Right now, we’re on the verge of disrupting markets, changing our operations to enable faster decision making based on accurate and actionable insights and predictions.

We’re working hard to deliver on our vision of building an end-to-end business intelligence system that will take away many existing concerns with our customers such as data consistency, accuracy, completeness etc. We’re excited that customers are adopting our solutions. We invest in innovation not only on the functional layer but also on methodology. We understand the value of expert training as the whole industry is suffering from employee turnover and knowledge drain.

Many thanks to the incredible team at NrgFin and the community that’s been so supportive from the start. We are so proud to be part of this, and we are so pumped up to see what is in store for us in the other half of this great decade.

See you along,
Gunter & Ilse

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